Intellectual Property currently becomes a very valuable asset. Creating, inventing and developing a product so as to give benefits and advantages to the other people are involving hard efforts, not like just get the result instantly. Conducting research and study for these purposes are costly and time-consuming. Even, in order to build a reputation for a particular product, a company should frequently place an adequately enormous amount of fund for backing their promotion activities.

Our firm has been established since 1996 and fully dedicated to meet the clientís need in the field of intellectual property protection such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, industrial designs as well as trade secrets.

Each invention and creation is unique and valuable in its own right. We highly appreciate the importance of Intellectual Property as an asset which should be considerably protected.

Our clients consist of individuals, institutions, local companies and multinational companies. We identify, understand and give the solutions to the problems of Intellectual Properties that our clients are facing.

We realize the meaning of a trust which has been given by our clients to us. Supported by well-experienced staffs and lawyers of their respective fields of expertise, we provide a whole services of Intellectual Property protection to our clients beginning from searching, registration, watching and monitoring, licensing and franchising, up to the litigation procedures.

Our firm had been awarded an International Professional Award in 2004 from the Ministry of Research and Technology, Republic of Indonesia. We also have established a good networking and very close cooperation with our colleagues worldwide in over 198 countries for anticipating the current progress of global businesses.


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